ECU Remapping & DPF

ECU Remapping - Get More 
From Your Engine

ECU remapping and DPF removal is a specialised service we offer here at The Car Servicing Centre.

Improve Your Engine's Performance

ECU remapping can greatly enhance your car's performance and increase engine efficiency, therefore increasing MPG and saving you money.

If you want a better performance from your car and to get the most out of your engine, we offer an ECU remapping service for all of our customers.

Using our professional service you are guaranteed results which are tried and tested. You won't have to worry about damage to your ECU or engine due to the wrong parameters being set in the ECU.
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For ECU remapping to enhance your engine's performance or DPF removal contact our team today.
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DPF Removal & Regeneration

DPF Removal & Regeneration

Our DPF regeneration or removal service can also increase your car's performance, as over time, your filter will begin to clog with soot and other particles picked up while driving. Your DPF may be partially blocked and only need a clean [forced regeneration]. It also could be totally blocked and needs to be replaced or removed so as not to cause any major damage.

Using DPF removal software, you can get a better free flowing exhaust system, giving you more power as well a healthier car.
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