Car Diagnostics

Dealer Level Car Diagnostics

Using the latest dealer level car diagnostics machines, we can repair any brand of vehicle back to its original condition.

Fault Finding Car diagnostics

In 25 years of offering a car diagnostics service to our customers in Basildon, Wickford and the surrounding area of Essex, we've worked on all makes and models of cars, vans and motorcycles, ensuring we fix any problem you need and getting your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible.

Whether the car is running poorly, the check engine light is broken and much more, we'll find the fault of the problem and have it fixed for you in no time.
car diagnostics
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If you need help diagnosing your car, call us for car diagnostics and fault finding.
Call 01268 820 200
problem-solving diagnostics

Problem-Solving Diagnostics

Our machines will find any problem your car might have, and our expert engineers will then fix the issue. We'll collect and deliver your car meaning you can relax and let us do the work.

We only use top of the range software for our car diagnostics service, making sure you get the quality service you've paid for.
For your free quote today, just give our friendly team a call.

The Car Servicing Centre is proud of the excellent repairs and maintenance we've done for our customers these past 25 years. To get your car checked by professionals, you know who to call.
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