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Affordable Vehicle Servicing

Maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular vehicle servicing at The Car Servicing Centre.

Vehicle Servicing You Can Afford

At The Car Servicing Centre in Basildon our technicians can service any make and model of vehicle using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment and provide a friendly, straightforward and honest service.

On average our prices are up to 40% cheaper than main dealers for a full car service, so why not check what we have to offer and see if we can save you money.
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Vehicle Servicing That Saves You Money

The little things you may choose to ignore, like putting off an oil change, can end up proving expensive. Oil left to its own devices for too long coagulates and gets stuck, starving your engine of lubrication.

This, in turn, can break that engine and the cost of an oil change will be far less than the cost of a new engine.

There are many similar things that a service rectifies for a relatively little cost. These, if left to worsen, could incur a much bigger expense; a car's oil filter and air filter being a good example.
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When Should A Vehicle Be Serviced?

The regularity of your vehicle's service depends on the make and model, not to mention your own usage of the vehicle. Consult your owner's manual if you're in any doubt; many newer cars have a service reminder which will appear on the dash when a service is required.

If you drive an older car or tend to rack up a high annual mileage, your car may require more regular servicing. If you're not sure when your car needs a service our experienced staff are waiting to help you.

Don't leave your service until you have problems as this can be a costly mistake.
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